About Us

What do we do?

Most consumer behavior is influenced by the opinions of people we know and trust-family, friends, and colleagues. While marketers have known this for quite a while, they are challenged to act on it.

Pursway (previously known as Datanetis) empowers consumer-facing organizations to close this gap between how they market and how people buy. Using our solutions, leading global organizations in telecommunications, retail, and financial services are realizing 5-10x improvement in marketing ROI by multiplying the reach and effectiveness of customer acquisition, cross-sell, and churn prevention efforts.

How do we do it?

The Pursway Influencer Marketing Management solution is a combination of:

Patent-pending algorithms that accurately pinpoint the influencers and their followers for each product or service based on consumer transaction data
Best practices and metrics that enable companies to maximize the viral effect created by the influencers

What’s unique about us?

In addition to the unique combination of technology, best practices, and metrics, it is worth pointing out one major difference between what we do and what others are attempting. We are not looking for the people that talk the most, post the most comments, or have the most connections. Our analysis is based on transaction and interaction data, revealing previously invisible social connections that drive actual and measurable consumer behavior.

Why are we doing it?

The simple answer is “because we can.” It’s more than that though. We believe that targeting the influencers is not just a smarter way to utilize marketing resources. It is the beginning of a new and more natural way for companies to interact with consumers.

Working with the influencers is like approaching the tribe’s elders. These opinion leaders have in essence been appointed by their followers to figure out on their behalf what’s worth their while (remember that each type of products and services has a different set of influencers). Now that companies know who the elders are, they can more effectively communicate with “the tribe,” to the benefits of all involved.

Pronunciation: \pur-swa\
Function: transitive verb
Date: 21st century

  1. move (sway) the market through the persuasion power of the influencers
  2. move (sway) a group of people to takeaction by persuading their leaders
  3. influence others to take action (e.g. make a purchase) through imitation or by talking it up