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    Pursway Helps Brands Identify and Market to the Friends of Their Fans

    Ran Shaul is the chief client officer at Pursway, a platform that gives marketers data on the friends of their existing audience to scale their reach.

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    Stop Missing the Mark

    On Monday, October 27 at 11:00 a.m. PT, Chief Client Officer and Founder of Pursway Ran Shaul will lead a case study presentation, Data Dominoes: How Targeting by Purchase Influence Drives Sales, at DMA2014! Ran’s session will focus on helping marketers understand the need to better target current marketing campaigns...

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    More Data Doesn’t Yield Better Results

    More data doesn’t yield better results. Oct. 7 is 2nd Annual CX Day (RBDR 9/23/2014)

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    Digital Advertisers Taking Aim at Your Friends

    Targeting technology innovator Pursway, Inc. has unveiled a new audience extension platform — called Pursway Connect — to jumpstart both online and offline audience extension for personalized targeting initiatives. – See more at: http://nativemobile.com/advertisers-taking-aim-friends-10779#sthash.8hpHSZ7G.dpuf

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    A Marketer’s Best Friend?

    Waltham, Mass.-based Pursway claimsits new audience extension platform will help marketers target the friends of their customers. The company, which transforms existing customer and prospect databases into customized social graphs that provide marketing insights via algorithms, just launched Pursway Connect .

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