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    Purchase Influence: Word of Mouth Marketing Redefined

    The latest spin on proven marketing methods like WOMM is not social media marketing – it’s something much more powerful. Social media marketing simply doesn’t work if the goal is measurable bottom-line results. In fact, while social media spending forecasts tend to be high, actual spending isn’t keeping up – likely...

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  • cmo_com_logo

    Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Gets ‘Real’

    Marketers already understand the value of building relationships with top spenders, but the power of the consumer runs far beyond his or her own wallet. In fact, a recent study found that Millennials (people between the ages of 18 and 32) are more influenced by word-of-mouth than their advertising-reliant Baby Boomer...

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  • DMNews

    News Byte: A Behavioral Battle Plan From the IDF

    Pursway today introduced MyPIVO (for purchase influence value order), a dashboard that mines the open Web for people’s real-life connections in order to understand their relationships and degree of sales influence. The product was developed by ex-Israeli Defense Force intelligence agents who had spent years data-mining...

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  • retailcustexp

    Pursway announces patented purchase influence tech

    Big data analytics firm Pursway has announced the availability of its purchase influence targeting tools, MyPIVO (Purchase Influence Value Order), fastPIVO and Connect. MyPIVO, its new dashboard, gives marketers a novel way to view and understand their customers’ real-life relationships and sales influence, the company...

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  • VentureBeat

    Making sales go viral: How Sony married big data with old-school marketing to drive 300% more business

    Selling laptops is a tough business these days. Not only has the PC industrybeen slumping, with a record seven quarters of consecutive decreases in sales, only one vendor has actually been growing — and not it’s not Apple. But in a recent campaign, Sony mixed modern big data, social media analytics, and old-school...

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