Influencer PIVO – Amplify the impact of your marketing

PIVO is the proven critical data element for optimizing acquisition, retention and cross-sell by creating a new and unique way to accurately identify and target influencers who will, through word-of-mouth, get people within their social graph to take action.

PIVO is the first proven big data solution that empowers you to identify the real purchase influencers within your customer base in a measurable and scalable manner by analyzing the actual relationships between people in the data.

PIVO patented technology is used to analyze your customer transaction datasets and pinpoint the influencers who drive more purchases and fewer defections across your entire customer base.

Tested and proven in major companies across consumer segments, our technology provides two types of output you can use to amplify marketing success:

  • PIVO Influencer Score is applied to your dataset so you can optimize programs for the topic of influence you would like to drive
  • PIVO Influencer analysis and insight so you can better understand your real purchase influencer

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Influencers are NOT who you think they are.

True purchase influencers are…

  • NOT the celebrities
  • NOT the highest spenders
  • NOT the people who post or tweet the most
  • NOT the people who have the most connections or followers

Influence is a natural effect of everyday human relationships. Contrary to claims made by popular social media models, there are no verifiable “super influencers”. True purchase influence is specific to each subject and every scenario.