Propensity PIVO – Pinpointing potential in your prospect base

PIVO is the proven critical data element for optimizing acquisition, retention and cross-sell by creating a new and unique way to accurately identify and target the prospects and customers most likely to buy based on their relationships to others.

Propensity PIVO is the first proven big data solution that empowers marketers to identify the high-propensity buyers within a prospect or customer base in a measurable and scalable manner by analyzing the actual relationships between people in the data.

Tested and proven in major companies across consumer segments, our technology provides two types of output you can use to amplify marketing success:

  • PIVO Propensity Score applied to your dataset and optimize for prospects or customers most likely to buy
  • PIVO Influencer analysis and insight so you can better understand your real purchase influencer

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Multiply your ROI

3x – The likelihood that a random shopper will buy when he/she is a friend of an existing customer triples

4x – When the friend is an influencer, propensity to buy quadruples

5x – When multiple factors are applied, (many friends, anchor product, timing, influencer friends), the propensity to buy goes as high as 5x