The Power of PIVO

Pursway’s subscription-based service overlays its proprietary relationship database, Pursway Connect, onto companies’ customer and prospecting data bases to deliver a Pursway Influence Value Order (PIVO) score that can be used to super-charge your direct marketing programs and gain a 2-5X increase in ROI.

PIVO socializes your data and identifies:

  • Topic-based influencers who have shown that when they buy, their friends do too (Influencer PIVO)
  • Potential buyers who are much more likely to act because their friends have already done so (Propensity PIVO)

How PIVO works:

  • Step 1 – Socialize your data. We match Pursway Connect to your customer and prospect databases to create a social graph, mathematically identifying your customers’ 10-25 closest contacts.
  • Step 2 – Analyze transactions within the social graph. Once the social graph has been revealed, we overlay actual purchase data to pinpoint the 8%-15% who are topic based influencers – people most likely to motivate their contacts to purchase.  

About PIVO:

  • PIVO is a strategic imperative that will generate measurable and significant increases in ROI from every marketing investment in every program you execute.
  • PIVO uses unique science to structure social data from the Web, combine it with transaction data and provide an individualized score for a specific product or service for every person in a customer or prospect database.
  • PIVO can be used as a stand-alone targeting tool or incorporated with other data in any marketing model, increasing the power of that model.