TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (December 7, 2011) Pursway, Ltd. announced today that it has provided Tmura, the Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, an equity grant in Pursway, Ltd. Tmura is an excellent social responsibility initiative looking to share the upside of successful companies with charitable causes, with a specific focus on youth and education.” said Elery Pfeffer, CEO of Pursway. “We hope to see many more companies join this worthwhile organization and support this noble cause.”

We are delighted to have Pursway join Tmura as a Donor company said Baruch Lipner Executive Director of Tmura. Pursways generous grant to Tmura is greatly appreciated and we hope will encourage other companies to consider their commitment to social responsibility as well.

Rather than cash donations, Tmura receives grants of stock from companies and uses the proceeds from successful “exits” to fund education and youth-related charities.

About Tmura

Tmura, a foundation with a unique business model, was established in 2002, and is supported by leading venture capital firms and philanthropic foundations which fund the organizations operating expenses. Promoting a unique model for philanthropy and a new standard for investments, Tmuras goal is to create a culture of giving within the high-tech sector by enabling companies to donate equity to support education and youth-related initiatives. For more information, please visit

About Pursway

Pursway empowers consumer-facing organizations to close the gap between how they market and how people buy. The Pursway patent-pending technology enables companies to identify, measure, and impact how opinion leaders shape their followers purchasing decisions. Using the Pursway solutions, leading global organizations in telecommunications, retail, and financial services are realizing 5- 10x improvement in the ROI of customer acquisition, cross-sell, and churn prevention efforts. Pursway is led by a team with an innovative track record in consumer marketing,social network analytics, advanced algorithmic development, and large scale data mining. For more information, please visit