London, UK, June 30, 2010 – Pursway, the pioneer in influencer marketing, will be speaking at the Telecoms Loyalty and Churn 2010 conference which will take place between 5th and 8th July 2010 at Le Meridian, Nice, France. At the event Ran Shaul, Co-founder of Pursway will be presenting a session on Identifying and evaluating different loyalty strategies that have been deployed around the world.

In this presentation, Mr. Shaul will show how social influence impacts customer loyalty, how understanding the social context in which consumers operate can help companies increase the effectiveness of their loyalty programs, and why companies should rethink which customers they reward the most.

According to Forrester Research comparing loyalty across various consumer sectors, mobile operators rank close to the bottom when it comes to customer loyalty (only hotel, airlines, and PC manufacturers rank lower; retailers rank the highest).

Companies around the world and in different consumer sectors have been investing considerable resources in setting up loyalty programs, with schemes ranging from points and miles to cash back rewards, says Shaul. But for all their efforts, most companies would be hard pressed to show whether these programs increase loyalty, or even how loyalty can be measured, let alone show how these programs improve their bottom line results.

Many companies have also constructed elaborate loyalty recognition schemes, with platinum, diamond, and gold levels to recognize their most loyal customers. According to Shaul, Most of the programs and loyalty recognition schemes miss the mark because they fail to identify the reasons customers choose where to shop, what to buy, and what services to subscribe to. They also fail to recognize the customers that really bring the most value to the company, which are not necessarily the biggest spenders or the ones that have been with the company the longest.

The Telecoms Loyalty and Churn conference provides operators with a unique networking and knowledge gathering opportunity. In 2010, as the global economy begins to show signs of recovery, the emphasis is evolving from leveraging customer expenditure as a retention strategy to optimising service, value add and technology offerings.

Telco executives interested in attending the conference could qualify to a 25% discount by contacting Pursway.