Allowing Marketers to Reach Close Friends of Their Target Audience

Boston, MA and Louisville, CO – A new agreement between Pursway, Inc. and KBM Group allows
brands and agencies to reach the friends of their target audience through a variety of online publishers,
DMP and DSP’s. Targeting this high performance audience of friends will improve marketing ROI by 30 to 50%.

The Pursway Connect audience extension platform is a unique asset – a social graph that identifies close
relationships between over 150 million people, resulting in a people based network with over a billion
relationships. These relationships are a powerful and previously unavailable tool for marketers to find
and target their audience’s best friends.

Pursway Connect brand and agency users can create audiences consisting of friends of their most valued
customers and target them in their desired DMP or DSP in a fast, simple and secure way. The new
channels will add more options in targeted media beyond social media and direct mail.

The new agreement augments KBM Group’s and Pursway Connect’s reach via the KBM Group Zipline Data
Management Platform. KBM Group, part of the Wunderman network, will now be able to create
audiences beyond individuals to a wider sphere of influencers and prospective customers.

“Finding responsive and qualified audiences is getting harder and harder. Even with a deluge of
information, marketers struggle to find high performance audiences for customer acquisition. Friends
really do buy what their friends buy, and we make finding those friends quick and easy. Pursway
Connect works with any audience – from your offline CRM system to anonymous website visitors – and
quickly delivers their friends across any channel” says David Ellenberger, CEO of Pursway.

“We are really excited to bring Pursway’s social audiences to the online marketplace. If you look at what
is available today, marketers are not able to leverage Word Of Mouth with sufficient scale and Pursway
Connect offers a unique opportunity to target friends of buyers,” says KBM Group’s Interactive General
Manager, Keith Johnson.

About KBM Group

KBM Group transforms marketing efforts into mutually beneficial customer conversations through data-
driven insights. Based on a strategic approach to optimize business outcomes, KBM Group’s world-class
marketing solutions integrate offline and online marketing channels and allow companies to achieve high-
performance B2B and B2C customer engagement and marketing ROI from a spectrum of services
including consulting, data integration and database management, analytics, digital services, marketing
management and outsourcing, creative services, and response services. The company has 36 offices in
22 countries serving global, enterprise and B2B2C-focused companies. KBM Group’s parent company,
Wunderman, is part of the Young & Rubicam Group and a member of WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY).

About Zipline

KBM Group’s Zipline data management platform provides data on-boarding and monetization services for
brands, agencies, publishers, CRM managers and ad networks. Zipline can also manage these data assets
for efficient sales and distribution across I-Behavior’s ad network and DSP partners.

About Pursway

Pursway’s smart targeting technology offers a way for marketers to strategically expand both their online
and offline audiences. People buy what their friends buy. It is scientifically proven. Leveraging Pursway’s
proprietary database of more than 120 million social profiles in North America, marketers are seeing 30 to
50 percent better ROI by to activating that network effect and lifting response rates. Serving companies
such as Comcast, Orange and Sony, Pursway’s platform allows marketers to target people with high
social affinity to their brands. Pursway is led by a team with a proven track record in advanced machine
learning, social network analytics, and consumer marketing disciplines. For more information, visit

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