The best marketing programs cant compete. Most consumers pay far more attention to their friends, family, and other peers than to even the most-effective marketing program. Why? Most consumers are followers, plain and simple. If you want to reach them, you need to reach their peer Influencers, the ones they actually listen to. Create a positive connection with these Influencers and their followers wont be far behind.

These everyday Influencers typically have no special demographic, social network behavior, product adoption, or other general characteristics that distinguish them from the broader customer population. They just know a bit more and have more interest in your products and services. On the passion-meter, they are on the right side while the average customers sit on the left.

To make matters even more complicated, you probably have different groups of Influencers for different products and services. In telecom, for example, some customers are particularly influential when it comes to data services but less so for churn, where others have a stronger influence.

If you still think all of your customers are equal, how can your best marketing effort do any better?