Stop marketing. If you havent heard the call, its because people speak with their actions rather than their words. They do it with their DVRs. They do it with their ad blockers. They even pay money to do it with satellite radio. If you think direct messages do better than ads, just look at the recycling bin on every desktop and at every household.

You know the numbers. You know most of your marketing budget reaches deaf ears. You do your best to get better response rates, but as time goes by, the cost numbers keep going up while the response numbers go down.

I started thinking about this being on the other side of the marketing hose, bombarded with endless marketing messages that meant nothing to me and did nothing to motivate me to acquire a product or a service (in fact, it did the opposite). I started thinking why companies spend all this money trying to reach me in ways that did not make any sense to me.

I realized that almost none of my purchasing decisions were made as a result of marketing efforts, I quickly realized that most of them were made as a result of recommendations from people I trust–friends, family, people I work with.

After sifting through the volumes of literature from theoretical research to field experiments, the results seemed to echo and validate what everyone including me intuitively felt.

Marketers have spent many years trying to figure out how to tap into the power of social influence. Some of these ideas have worked better than others, but none could be implemented in a scalable way that allows marketers to really change the way they approach consumers.

I became intrigued with the possibility of solving this problem mathematically. I enlisted my friend and math-buddy Guy to help me tackle the challenge. After many sleepless nights, we felt that we had a good chance at cracking the problem. We also felt something was missing. We needed someone who really understood marketing from the ground up; someone who could connect us to the reality of how marketing organizations think and work; someone who could help us transform our math into a solution that marketers can use.

As Gladwell says in Outliers, success is a result of hard work and fortunate circumstances. Fortunately for us, we knew just the right person. Working with some of the largest brands in Israel, Europe, and the US, Ran was thinking about the very same problem. With our math and his analytical marketing expertise, we had a winning combination that gradually became a reality as we continued to develop the solution and evolve our understanding of the problem.

Pursway Founders

This was the birth of Pursway. Along the way we have already met, partnered, hired, and collaborated with many great people to help advance the concept of Influencer Marketing and transform it into something that marketing organizations can adopt in a massive way.

If you believe that marketing as usual is no longer an option,, we invite you to join the conversation, let us know what you think, and challenge our thinking. Marketing as it is today has been entrenched, and it will take a collaborative effort to change it. Be part of the movement, start influencing!