Cable and Telecom

Using PIVO to increase customer acquisition

In the growing cable and telecom market, new customer acquisition has been a major focus.  Acquisition programs were cost-effective when companies were able to differentiate on products, services and pricing.  But, the ROI on marketing programs has dwindled due to fierce competition and commodity pricing. What’s more, customer attrition rates are reaching as high as 40% for some mobile and cable providers.  Innovation is key to success for marketers tasked with reducing churn as well as meeting significant business imperatives to acquire new customers across a wide range of demographics.  Pursway offers cable and telecomm providers a new path forward to dramatically improve direct marketing results.

Using sophisticated algorithms and its proprietary relationships database, Pursway transforms your existing customer and prospect databases into a customized social graph, identifying actual relationships between people and empowering you with the knowledge you need to super-charge your acquisition and retention programs.

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While high APRU customers are important, losing a PIVO-sourced influencer can result in 2-3 or friends dropping off as a result of negative influence. By retaining PIVO influencers, operators can significantly decrease overall churn rate.