Credit Cards

Using PIVO to increase prospecting credit card acquisition

In the highly competitive credit card business, companies are striving to take marketing effectiveness to the next level.  Testing and optimization deliver incremental improvement, but in the competitive credit card market, incremental isn’t enough.  In the wake of declining response rates and concerns about list fatigue, companies are seeking new ways to improve ROI by amplifying marketing effectiveness.

PIVO prospects are 3-5X more likely to opt for a new  credit card  if his/her friends are already have that card in their wallet.

By combining big data techniques with factual evidence of social influence, credit card marketers are able to map meaningful relationships between people in a database and unleash the power of the social graph to influence purchase decisions and enhance loyalty.

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“We did a head-to-head test and using the Pursway technology and achieved a 380% lift over our traditional business-as-usual segmentation approach.”

Aashish Rangwalla
Sr. Manager
Acquisition Marketing
Sony Card & Marketing Services