Financial Services

Using PIVO to increase advocacy and generate referrals

In financial services, the first imperative has always been customer acquisition, and the competition for new accounts is fierce. As the marketplace becomes more saturated with product and service offers, even the most targeted and optimized campaigns are declining in effectiveness.    What’s more, the cost to acquire customers is on the rise, and many institutions are placing more emphasis on loyalty and retention.  Whether you are focused on acquiring new accounts or retaining existing customers, Pursway can help you improve campaign effectiveness by unlocking the power of influence.

Using sophisticated algorithms and its proprietary relationships database, Pursway transforms your existing customer and prospect databases into a customized social graph, identifying actual relationships between people and empowering you with the knowledge you need to super-charge your acquisition and retention programs.

Contact us for more information on how you can use the PIVO technology to achieve a 2-5X increase in your direct marketing results.

Advocacy and referral programs aimed at PIVO-sourced influencers show that they can drive 1-3 of their friends to choose the same services, resulting in a profitable and scalable approach for improving customer acquisition and cross-sell.