Using PIVO to increase hotel booking and win back

The unprecedented proliferation of brands and sub-brands in the hospitality industry poses both opportunity and challenge for direct marketers striving to inspire loyalty, acquire new customers, cross-sell and upsell.  Niche offerings for highly segmented targets are driving a new level of sophistication in data-driven marketing, but intense competition, often intra-brand, raises concerns about list fatigue and message saturation. What’s more, the power of the brand as controlled by corporations is eroding, especially in the travel industry where peer influence is the dominant decision factor.

Pursway’s PIVO technology offers marketers a way to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing by transforming your existing customer and prospect databases into a customized social graph, identifying actual relationships between people and empowering you with the knowledge you need to super-charge your acquisition and retention programs.

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Advocacy and referral programs aimed at PIVO-sourced influencers show that an influencer can drive 1-3 of their friends to choose the same hotel, resulting in a profitable and scalable approach for dramatically increasing bookings.