Specialty Retailers

Using PIVO to drive loyalty: higher spend, cross channel and categories purchases

Specialty retailers are facing challenges on many different fronts.  First, increasing online and mobile purchases are creating a multi-channel mix yielding enormous amounts of data with very little clarity on how the data insight can be used to attract new customers and foster loyalty within the base.  Mass email campaigns are yielding diminishing results and potentially eroding goodwill among customers and prospects. The promise of social media-based influence programs, which seemed particularly bright for retailers, has not been fulfilled.

By combining big data techniques with factual evidence of social influence, retail marketers are able to map meaningful relationships between people in a database and unleash the power of the social graph to influence purchase decisions and enhance loyalty.  By harnessing the power of big data to create a social graph, marketers are able to reduce volume and improve targeting, realizing a 2-5X boost in ROI.

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PIVO-sourced prospects are 5x more likely to act on catalogue, direct mail and email offers because they are connected to others who have done the same.