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Socialize your data to access more potential buyers, boost your response rates and reach deeper into your market. It’s as simple as this: you give us your audience of interest (customers, visitors, prospects, etc) and we will give you back their best friends in the channel of your preference.

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    back similar number of their friends

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What is Pursway Connect?

Pursway Connect is an Audience Extension Platform that identifies like-minded people, enabling marketers to expand their reach to people with high social affinity to their brands.

How does Pursway Connect work?

Pursway has developed a proprietary database of over 200 million social profiles in North America. Within this database we can identify the top 5 to 15 best friends of an individual.
All you need to do is to upload a list of your audience of interest (customers, visitors, etc.) and we will return a list of their best friends to you.
The audience onboarding timeframe to your distribution channel of choice (DMP, DSP or direct mail list) varies per specific platform, please see estimated timeframe here.
You are allowed to create one audience list and use it as often as you like during the 60 day trial period.

What type of audience can I upload? Can I submit customers, prospects or both?

Any audience type is allowed and you can get back the friends of your website visitors, mobile app downloaders, etc., as long as you provide first name, last name and address.

How do I upload an audience file?

Once you’ve registered to the free trial you’ll be able to log into a secure environment and
upload your audience file easily via the browser (if you are planning to load a large audience file we recommend using Chrome browser).

What is the audience size that I will be able to upload and how many friends will I get back?

In the trial you will be able to upload up to 2MM names for an online campaign and 100k for direct mail. The number of friends you will receive back is based on your filters (age, gender, geography) and you selected channel.

As a paid subscriber, you control the size of your audiences. The audience’s friends will not include any of the names you provided to us. However since we do not have your entire customer list, you may want to run it against your in-house suppression and publication lists.

What data do you require?

To complete the list matching, we need the first name, last name and mail address (City, State, Zip) of your audience of interest. During the upload, fields will be hashed based on a cryptographic hash function for safety and privacy.

Where will I be able to target my new audience of friends and what information will I receive back?

You can target your audience via:

Direct mail – You will receive their first name, last name and mailing address information
Facebook – We will load the file into your Facebook advertiser account
Selected Premium Publishers or DMPs – We will load the file into your distribution channel of choice (see current supported publishers)

Will I be able to email my audience friends?

To comply with the CAN-SPAM Act we do not recommend using email to your new audience.

Are these friends the same as Facebook friends?

The relationships that Pursway Connect identifies are ‘real life’ relationships. Naturally, some of them will include social media friends.

How secure is the upload process?

Privacy is a priority for Pursway. The uploading process takes place in a safe zone within Pursway’s secure environment.

Who is eligible for the free trial?

The free trial is currently available to US audiences.

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