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Pursway transforms your existing customer, prospect and online databases into a customized social graph; identifying actual relationships between people and empowering marketers with the knowledge they need to motivate action.
People buy what their friends buy. It is scientifically proven. But how can you target those friends? Pursway has a proprietary database of over 150 million social profiles in North America. Marketers are seeing 30% to 50% better ROI with Pursway’s platform which allows them to target people with high social affinity to their brands.

If you are a marketer who wants to expand your audience of interest both online and offline – Pursway Connect will help you identify the best friends of your existing audience. It’s as simple as this: you give us your audience of interest (customers, hand-raisers, prospects, etc.) and we will give you back their best friends in the channel of your preference.

If you are a marketer who wants to optimize your acquisition, cross sell and/or retention campaigns – Pursway Influence Value Order (PIVO) predictive analytics will enhance your models and significantly improve your results.

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look alike

We continue to see that the world of digital media continues to reinvent everything that direct marketing has done before, slap a new name on it and tout it as “new and improved!”   One especially egregious area is something they call “Audience Extension,” also known as prospecting to you and me.

Forrester’s explanation of Audience Extension goes like this: “Advertisers expect their publishing partners to deliver targeted audiences at scale in a controlled editorial environment. By refining their targeting with powerful data, and with the help of data management platforms (DMPs), publishers can retarget their users and models and identify lookalike audiences to satisfy the ever-increasing demand from advertisers to reach larger audiences.”

Sound familiar?  Let me break it down for you.  You give them a list of people you know are responsive – your customer base, for example. They add behavioral and demographic data and look for others who look alike.  Ka-Pow!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the WHEEL©.

In all seriousness, these capabilities are important milestones in the maturation of online targeting and we are glad to see them coming.  Regardless of media or technology, what remains true is that we look and act like the people we know.  We like the same things, the same shows and movies, the same foods.  We buy the same things – clothes, restaurants, electronics, cars, etc.  We tend to be of similar tastes – in short, we are like-minded people.  In fact, a recent study shows that our friends are even genetically similar to ourselves.

How do we leverage this?  Historically, we’ve used demographics (age, ZIP, income, etc.) and behavioral data (what you’ve bought, how much, what you read,  etc.) to create these lookalike models.  We now know that the ultimate look-alike variable is the people we know – friends, family and colleagues with whom we have real relationships.  When you go out and look for that audience extension, make sure it’s based not only upon demographics and behavioral attributes.  Be sure to ask for audience extensions based on connections – friends are the ultimate audience extension.

Friends are the Ultimate Audience Extension

Jul 31 2014

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