Are you looking to increase direct marketing ROI by 2-5X? Want to target more effectively?

Socialize Your Data

Pursway transforms your existing customer and prospect databases into a customized social graph, identifying actual relationships between people and empowering marketers with the knowledge they need to motivate action.

With Pursway, you can…

  • Identify topic-based Influencers who have shown that when they buy, their friends do too.
  • Find potential buyers who are much more likely to act because their friends have already done so.
  • Reveal social shopping behaviors to find out where and when people shop together and which products are more viral.

Pursway’s PIVO technology can be used to supercharge your customer acquisition, cross-sell and retention campaigns today.

Check Out this Video and learn how SONY tapped customer influencers and to achieve increased ROI on email and direct mail campaigns
Bob Rapp Explains How Pursway Technology Helped Vodafone Sell 3x – 10x More Phones and Data Plans

Reduce Churn

Retain the influencers. Keep their friends as well.
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Acquire New Customers

The influencers: your most powerful customer acquisition tool.
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Drive Product Adoption

Find the influencers that sway their friends buying decisions.
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