People Buy What Their Friends Buy

Become Smarter In Your Targeting


High Performance Audiences


is a data service that delivers high performance audiences in 24 hours

Delivering you qualified prospects who are

  • Like-Minded close
    friends of your best
  • Lookalikes to your best

Enables multi-channel
DSP/DMP, Direct Mail and Social Media


Leverages Pursway's Social

  • A unique, 200 million
    consumer social graph.
  • Constantly and
    continuously updated
    and expanded.

Marketers are seeing 30% to 50% better ROI with Pursway’s High Performance Audiences.




You can get your
audience in a few
business days


Easy to use

You provide an audience
and we return
audience of their friends



Any data you provide
us is cryptographically
hashed and seeded to
protect you and your



Review your results with
our team prior to subscribing



So you can use the
friends audiences:
(direct mail, online), on
any PLATFORM and
with any

Top Brands Trust Us

Check Out this Video and learn how
SONY tapped customer influencers and to achieve increased ROI on email and direct mail campaigns


Our clients were using our PIVO technology to figure out why to go after Customer A instead of Customer B. Recently they started asking “If I tell you who my best customers are, can you tell me who their friends are?’”. This saw the birth of Pursway Connect – to provide net new names.

Pursway Connect identifies a person’s 5 to 10 best friends through the use of Pursway’s proprietary social graph of over 150 million North American consumers. Pursway Connect doesn’t just look at two people and conclude that since they are friends on Facebook, they are going to buy the same things or have influence on each other. Rather, it first establishes if individuals have a real-life relationship. The types of questions we ask include: do they work together, do they live in the same neighbourhood?, did they attend a conference together? etc. If all those are true, they are more likely to be friends in real life, and influencer each other’s purchase.

When we talk about purchase decision influence, it’s important to think about the kinds of purchases that consumers seek advice on. They often look to friends for fashion inspiration, or they ask for recommendations regarding the latest tech gadget. No one asks for advice on what type of juice or soap to buy, but when it comes to more significant purchases, people ask their friends.

“Pursway has a unique social graph that allows us to reach prospects with strong, real-life relationships with our customers. In a world where people are more likely to buy what their friends buy, with Pursway Connect, Sony becomes smarter, more relevant in its marketing outreach. [Pursway] has driven significant ROI thanks to consistently higher campaign conversion rates” Steven Fuld, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sony Corporation of America “

Worth noting as well is that Pursway Connect does not rely on social media data. It’s not about aggregating an existing collection of contacts. There’s no value in someone being friends with 5,000 other people on Facebook. Instead billions of pieces of data from thousands of open data sources are analysed against our database to connect the dots.

Pursway Connect is currently available for direct mail and social media targeting and will soon be integrated for online and mobile advertising. As part of the launch we are offering a 60-day trial of the platform using up to 100,000 names. We know marketers are under a ton of pressure to increase response rates and help drive sales, but they are already bogged down in too much data and a mess of disparate, complex analytics. The ability to extend their audience and target prospects that are friends of current customers should not be limited to the likes of Facebook.

Net new names – check it out!

Aug 31 2014

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